World Tournaments of Professional Poker


World Tavern Poker is a free-to-join online poker tournament. As of late March 2021, more than 400 bars, pubs, and restaurants throughout the United States will host the popular weekly or once-a-month tournament-style games. Participating establishments pay top dollar to bring you some of the most exciting tournament action from around the world. The players dine on food and drink while enjoying the best digital poker chips in the world. The World Tavern Poker Website boasts an impressive collection of all the most popular WPT tournaments played around the world.

There are several World Tavern Poker events every week. They occur throughout the world every month, and the money won’t diminish your monthly bankroll. With a large number of the highest poker players in the world playing for stakes ranging from low, small pocket cards to high quality big stack money, players are sure to find an adventure every week at the World Pub Poker Site. World Tavern Poker events have a reputation for bringing exciting new excitement to online poker tournaments.

Mid-season and end-of-season tournaments. World Tavern Poker offers a wide variety of monthly and weekly tournaments ranging from low stakes to mid-limit as well as the crazy high stakes tournaments. End-of-season tournaments are the same as the monthly titles with one slight difference: the winners of the end-of-season tournaments receive top prize money instead of top pocket cards. Both tournaments have weekly buy-in and an elimination format where the player with the most chips at the end of the game wins. Prizes change each year but remain consistent.

Five-figure tournaments. In case you haven’t heard, World Tavern Poker has some of the biggest names in professional poker gaming. They have been sponsoring top 30 events for years. If you want to get noticed, win a big tournament and your bankroll will be increased. World Pub Poker’s current champion is world number five mark Holder Mike “The Colossus” Wilson, who has won six World Series Poker Champs and two World Poker Tourneys.

Seasonal tournaments. World Pub Poker offers a variety of seasonal tournaments, especially during the four seasons of the year. The regular season runs for twelve weeks followed by the playoffs for eight weeks. World Tavern Poker offers a special poker tournament called the Barral Invitational during the last weekend of May, which is followed by another invitational tournament in September.

Two more World Series Poker tournaments. These are the world series championship events. The regular season runs for ten weeks and the super title event runs for eleven weeks. In between tournament dates, World Pub Poker hosts regular season low limit games that have a guaranteed prize pool of two hundred dollars and eight hundred dollars. There are seven low limit games in all.

The World Tournament of Professional Poker runs monthly in September. There are a six-player tournament and the World Tournament of Professional Poker tournament, which is also a six-player tournament, but this time with cutthroat play. The World Tournament of Professional Poker runs until the month of April, at which point it moves to the summer months. In between the monthly tournaments, World Pub Poker has a super lo tournament, known as the World Championship of Lotto. Each location of World Pub Poker has its own separate website, so you can find the information you need, including dates, times, and prizes.

You have to remember that World Pub Poker is just a place to play poker. There are no big payouts or trips to Las Vegas. So if you are only here for a few hours, the free money will keep your gambling bills in check, but the high rollers will keep their cash in the bankroll. Every month, top thirty players earn millions of dollars playing in the World Tavern Poker tournaments, so take advantage of every opportunity to bag yourself a piece of this massive prize pool. Every month there is a world tournament, so be sure to check back often.

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