For those unfamiliar with the game of bingo, it is often known as “card games without cards.” Bingo is a simple game where all that is required is bingo card (usually ten-sided, but can be twenty-sided), the bingo card itself, and a set of rules specifying how the game willContinue Reading

Sports Betting opened its doors at the famous Harrah’s Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. People from across the country and the world come to enjoy the fun of betting on their favorite sporting events. If you want to enjoy yourself and have a good time with friends or family whileContinue Reading

Is there a way to play Debate Bingo on your mobile phone? The popular debate game is now available for mobile use. How’s that for news? The first version of this game, a card game played at libraries and bookstores, has been available in stores for a while and isContinue Reading

Each time a sports bettor places a bet with a sports book, they are in turn loaning a percentage of their winnings to that particular book. In many ways, this actually makes the bettor “pay” for the service of betting, and in most instances it guarantees them a certain amountContinue Reading

If you are not into sport, check out the rugby World Cup betting predictions. It is the biggest tournament in rugby-faction, winning for the four nations that make up the tournament. New Zealand has always won the previous four World Cups, whilst Australia, Wales and England have made it fiveContinue Reading

Online Casinos in Ohio, is not a new concept for those who have been keeping an eye on the emerging gambling options available in today’s modern world. Now you can find casinos in Ohio, which are spread across the entire state. If you are fond of online gambling and wishContinue Reading

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make money with no money? If you have you’re probably wondering how to start making your own salty bet games, which have been popular for online gambling websites for many years. The first type of game to come from the development ofContinue Reading

The Foxwoods Casino is located in Connecticut and it has been a popular vacation destination since 1963. It is part of the Foxwoods City and was designed to be an entertainment center. You will also find a spa, fine dining restaurants and much more. This casino is different because itContinue Reading