The Thrill of the Bet: Unmissable Gambling TV Shows Premiering in 2024


In the past few years, the gambling phenomenon has spread wildly, not only as a matter of taste for adventurers and dreamers, but as an entertainment fountain spreading all over the world. This attractiveness perfectly extends onto the television, which is full of the thrill of the gamble, the charm of the jackpot and drama of risky outcomes.

In 2024, this tendency is sure to prolong, which holds an amazing assortment of gambling TV shows that seems to shoot the genre to the next level. From gritty dramas that capture the inner turmoil of gambling addicts to high-octane game shows where players wager big to win bigger, the gambling scene on TV has gone through a major change and it attracts audiences like never before. One of the vital parts of such programs is that they subtly teach viewers how to balance the opportunity with the risks. They explore strategies, science, and stories behind the bets.

As we are at the beginning of this new age, this piece is an ultimate guide to gambling TV shows of 2024 that you must not miss. If you’re either an experienced bettor or just wandering into this gambling world, these shows would delight you with something for every person. Moreover, they would give you deeper insight into the complicated gambling world. Thus, if you are interested in finding out what television gambling future has to offer you, continue reading to find out the shows which will change the genre and make you sit on the edge of your seat.

1. Big Bet (2022– )

“Big Bet” (2022) is a moving and insightful South Korean TV series that brings the gambling world to life with a combination of absorbing drama and the mysterious interplay of crimes and mistakes. The series centers the characters Cha Mu-sik portrayed by the heavenly Choi min-sik who had the chance to appear on the first ever TV role in his life as a character who rises to powers through the casinos to become a casino king in the Philippines. On the other hand, Mu-sik’s throne is not secure as he becomes tied in a murder mystery which causes a sequence of events that test his brains, courage, and the loyalty of all the people. “Big Bet ” skillfully shows the ambitions, the power and the attenuated thread between success and fall down in the unmerciful environment of high-stakes gambling. Its captivating storyline in addition to great performances and accurate representation of a casino life is a must watch for the fans of the genre, providing a unique insight on the dark side of gambling and the extent people are ready to take in order to preserve their empires.

2. Ana Tramel. El juego (2021)

Ana Tramel. El juego (2021) is a fascinating Spanish TV drama that brings audiences into the complex world of law and gambling. The episodes focus on Ana Tramel, a lawyer of exceptional abilities who is forced to abandon her career in law only to return to it after her brother is accused of killing the operator of a luxurious casino. During the course of her investigation, Ana comes to discover the dark, swampy waters of the casino gambling industry. On her way she has to come to terms with the corporation that manages this casino and that is both powerful and corrupt. However, this thrilling series does not only offer a courtroom drama but also a critical investigation of the influence of the gambling from individual level to the society as a whole. Employing its intricate characters, a tightly trailed plot and a female heroine who refuses to give up, “Ana Tramel. El juego,” is a perfect example of what an addictive show looks like, showing the personal and legal battles that pave the way in dark alleys of the gaming world.

3. LA to Vegas (2018)

“LA to Vegas” (2018) is an American sitcom that humorously captures the hopes, dreams, and misadventures of a zany group of air stewards and the odd passengers who make their way for the bright lights of Las Vegas on an ordinary weekend round-trip route from Los Angeles hoping against hope just to win big. From the fictional ‘Jackpot Airlines,’ we see a story of Captain Dave played by Dylan McDermott and his squad which is a diverse group with a funny personality. They are on the less convincing budget flights pursuing traveling gamblers and filers of their deepest dreams of being bigwigs of Las Vegas. Every episode craftily juxtaposes the onboard interactions between crew and passengers, thus emphasizing their narratives filled with hope, demoralization, and success as they try to get to Paris, the city of love. The series is set in an unusual place and it reflects a humorous nature about the airline industry and the attraction of Las Vegas. In the midst of such tropical settings, it is a light-hearted story with subtle depth that focuses on the lengths people can venture in their pursuit of achieving their dreams. Therefore, it is the refreshingly entertaining series in the field of televised comedies.

4. Kakegurui (2017–2019)

“Kakegurui” (2017–2019) is a Japanese anime series which makes things even more exciting as the stakes are unbelievably higher, at the Hyakkaou Private Academy where students don’t play to show-off their academics or sport abilities, they do so solely to win, no matter in what form be the kind of gambling involved. The story revolves around Yumeko Jabami, a student who just enrolled in this school, and who seems to be quiet and maybe even a little naive. However, when she comes to the school she sets the order of this establishment topsy-turvy. It was like ripping off the lovely mask that Yumeko had managed to put on. Her true colors as an impulsive gambler who thrived on taking risks spoke fast and shook the whole hierarchy. The viewer gets connected quickly to the whirlwind of psychological struggles, strategic manipulations, and high-risk games where losing options are too painful to think about. Though with visually gripping animation, new and distinct characters, and a plot that really goes deep into the reality of the dependence to gambling and the things people really try to achieve it, “Kakegurui” is one-of-a-kind thrill that would catch each viewer’s eyes due to the risk, obsession and the nature of the human psyche depicted there.

5. Lucky Man (2016–2018)

The British television drama science-fiction “Lucky Man” (2016-2018), which combines crime fighting, action, and supernaturalism (created by legendary comic book writer Stan Lee) has proved to be quite distinct from the rest of the television works. This incredible series follows Detective Inspector Harry Clayton, brilliantly acted by James Nesbitt, who is a self-destructive London cop with an alarming gambling problem. And one day, he finds himself in the possession of the most ancient and mystique bracelet. This is the charm, which, by waving a willow wand, makes Harry the master of luck himself! Of course, walking this path brings him in contact with new and old foes, with moral ponderings, and even with destiny itself. When Harry starts using his newly acquired capacity to square away bad guys and be the enforcer for his own grudges, and at the same time, he starts surfing on the wave of success, he is also struggling with the dilemma if luck can ever be taken completely into his own hands or for the lack of a better word, is it fair. “Lucky Man” has an enthralling plot, rich character development, and a series of interesting and mind-provoking situations that keep the viewer hooked, making it a show that lets the audiences see what realizes when luck and foresight are played with.

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