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Most modern sites online offer thousands of different games across a huge number of categories, and for some this can muddy the waters of odds for online casinos and which games represent the best opportunities to win – some of the biggest sites at ukonlinecasinoslist.com fall into this list of sites that offer a huge variety of gaming titles, but for newcomers that are looking for the biggest return or for those that are little to win some real money, what are the best games to stick to?

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The first game that many players explore will be the slots – slot machines are a long time favorite, and a huge amount of a variety has emerged with video slots too. Most will now display an RTP figure, or the return to player, which tends to be anywhere from 95-99%. This doesn’t represent the how often a player can win, but the potential return if they do. In terms of actually winning percentages, however, slots can be amongst the lowest and this is true for both online casinos and offline casinos too. If the goal is to win, slots are typically the worst choice for players with much better games represented.

Table games represent a much bigger opportunity – this like craps and roulette fall into the bracket of being truly random with no way to control the odds and as such carry some very good winning percentages sometimes closing in on 50%. There are variations of these games that do lower the odds somewhat, as well as different approaches to betting that lower odds too. For roulette for example, a simple approach can simply be betting on red or black, and that gives players a true 50% chance of winning.

Online variants of these games do have a lot of variety, however, so there can be different opportunities to win or other approaches to betting that may have an impact too.

The game that often tops the list with the best odds, however, is Blackjack – whilst much of the game is based on the luck of the hand dealt, skilled players can make more informed decisions around how they place their bets too. As a game that doesn’t have competition with other players directly also, seeing the hands that have been dealt can give a lot of information even for online games which use more decks in the shoe than just the one.

There are of course competitive titles to consider too such as bingo and poker – competitive in the nature that a win is come upon by competing directly with another player and so skill is very much involved. These may not have winning odds in the traditional sense because of the way they’re played, but for players looking to have more control over whether a win or a loss comes, these are the best bet options that can come with quite the prize purse too where higher stakes are an option with unique tournaments and regular schedules for play rooms too.

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